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LGV Class 1 and Class 2 Training

LGV Class 1 and Class 2 Training

North West HGV Transport Training Tips at Town and Country / DriverLink

When contemplating a change of career and considering becoming an HGV/LGV Class 1 or Class 2 driver, the task can feel a little daunting and overwhelming with a lot of HGV/LGV training providers based in the North West.

Here are some of Town and Country / DriverLink‘s key tips for becoming an HGV/LGV Class 1 or Class 2 driver at Town and Country / DriverLink.


When it comes to choosing a training provider for your HGV/LGV transport training, pricing is undoubtedly a significant factor. However, it’s essential to consider what you’re getting for your money and ensure that the quotes you receive are like-for-like.

Some providers may only quote for tuition and testing elements, leaving out other crucial steps. At Town and Country / DriverLink Training, we go above and beyond by guiding and booking every step for you.

We believe in completing every necessary step at the right time to ensure you hit the road legally and are equipped with all the necessary tools. So, if you’re comparing costs, focus solely on the tuition cost because we don’t make any profit on all of the other elements.


Facilities often get overlooked when selecting a training provider, but they should be a vital part of your decision-making process.

Driver welfare facilities play a significant role in creating a conducive learning environment. At Town and Country / DriverLink Training, we have heavily invested in our facility, creating a state-of-the-art learning environment that has been compared to hotel quality.

Town and Country / DriverLink prioritises learner relaxation, comfort, and a welcoming atmosphere for all HGV/LGV transport training.

Tuition Time

Tuition time is another critical aspect that should not be compromised. It’s tempting to cut down on tuition time to reduce costs, but it’s not advisable, it is false economy.

The more tuition you receive, the more you learn and the better driver you become.

Depending on the class of license you’re pursuing, we recommend a minimum of 40+ hours for car to Class 1, 20+ hours for car to Class 2, and 20+ hours for Class 2 to Class 1.

It’s crucial to confirm the number of hours of tuition you’ll receive from your provider and obtain written confirmation.

Remember, having an HGV/LGV license doesn’t automatically make you an HGV/LGV driver. Consider going back to your provider for an advanced course.


Learning in modern vehicles that mirror those used in your future career is vital. At Town and Country / DriverLink Training, we believe learners should train in modern articulated vehicles rather than outdated Wagon and Drag vehicles.

While it may not be legally required, we also adhere to Operator License regulations for vehicle maintenance to ensure maximum safety and availability.

Additionally, we have custom-built articulated combinations that meet the smallest legally permitted size for testing, giving our delegates an advantage.

When choosing a training provider, inspect the vehicles to ensure they are well-maintained both internally and externally.

Practice Area

Having a dedicated practice area for 3a testing is a significant advantage.

At Town and Country / Driverlink Training, we are proud to be one of the very few providers in the North West with our own private concreted and line-painted area for 3a practical tests.

This allows our delegates to learn under the same conditions they will be tested in, rather than in busy public car parks with estimated boundary areas.

Make sure to ask your prospective provider about their 3a practice area and avoid training in public areas.


Don’t underestimate the power of recommendations from others. Just as you would rely on reviews when choosing a holiday destination or restaurant, extend that practice to finding a training provider.

Use search engines like Google to see what others are saying about different providers.

Take advantage of this powerful and free tool to gather valuable insights and make an informed decision.

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